Eyebrow Threading, Best tips, Services and Benefits.

Royal Threading Center is a high quality threading and waxing establishment located in Brooklyn, NY. It provides a relaxing and comfortable environment where you’re serviced by certified beauticians. You’re guaranteed perfection and satisfaction for all your needs.

Threading, which involves a thin thread being rolled over the skin to pull unwanted hairs out at the follicle, is recommended for facial hair like the eyebrows and the upper lip.

Best eyebrow threading tips

  • When going for eyebrow threading go minimal on your eye make up. For threading to work, your skin must be taught and clear. Your make up will only smudge and get in the way.
  • Most beauticians can work threading just by instincts with no directions required. So if you feel like you have any specification, please say so before they start.
  • You should expect some amount of bearable pain, try not to squirm too much and it’ll be over in no time. Threading takes around five minutes so it won’t last too long.
  • Threading is an interactive hair removal technique, you may be required to pull your eyelids in opposing directions to keep the skin taught. This will make work easier for the beautician.
  • Its advisable that you say yes to the soothing gel that will be provided in the end. This will help reduce redness caused by hair loss and provide a soothing sensation.
  • You don’t need to tweeze your eyebrows in between appointments as a threading will last 5-6 weeks clear without needing another removal.

Services and Benefits.

  • Threading is very precise. Its method allows for the beautician to see what hair is left behind and what is removed. The thread can remove a row of unwanted hair or a single hair that’s out of place. It’s precision and control allows you to have the amazing eyebrows you deserve.
  • Its gentle on your skin. Since only hair is yanked out by the thread, there are minimal chances of skin damage.
  • Its maintenance is easy. Threading tackles all the unwanted hair all at once. Thats going to make your facial hair grow at the same time and therefore only need an appointment once.
  • Threading is much quicker than other hair removal options. Taking up to only five minutes, you can be in and out of the beauticians hands in a very short time.
  • You get very defined brows. Threading allows you to get eyebrows that aren’t too thin and are well shaped. You’ll forget the initial pain in no time once you see the results.
  • The beautician may fill your eyebrows with products like rose water and aloe vera gel to help sooth the removal points. Its advisable to keep the eyebrows concealer free to allow the pores to breath.
  • You may get a little Indian-style head massage of joy afterwards. Threading has it’s roots in Indian and you may get a bit of middle eastern treatment to help sooth your brows.
  • Its one of the cheapest and quickest hair removal techniques available.

Eyebrow threading is the way to go. At Royal Threading Center you’re assured that sparse, overgrown, wonky or wild brows will be a thing of the past. You’ll get the amazing eyebrow you deserve under the care of our qualified beauticians.

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